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Welcome to we are established for all the people who are food lovers and want to have the great taste from all parts of this great country INDIA. India has always be well-known throughout the world for its rich culture & authentic food items across the whole county. Although India is one country but in every state of India you will find there’s a special taste of food which has been well known throughout the world, there’s some unique brand/shop which has a taste which you cannot find else in India.

We at Outlets India aim at bringing all the best known food products across India at one point where you can have bundle of options to choose from which you have experienced in the past or always wanted to try it. We want our customers to relive their memories when they consume our products. The ecstatic taste of the wonderful brands that can now be experienced from anywhere in India. We have gathered an array of your favourite indigenous brands and have brought them together under one roof so that you can easily get access to those brands/shops without even standing up from the couch in your home. brings a very unique shopping experience with a taste of mouthwatering items across india, (for eg from Gujarati Jalebi to Bengal’s Rasgolla) now all the famous brand/shop items are just in-front of you, just order it and have it at your doorstep and enjoy the authentic taste of a particular brand/shop.

You can order your favourite snacks from Gujarat while snuggling under your quilts in your home in Manali. We perform meticulous checks on the quality of our products so that each and every bite that you take is exactly how you expect it to be.

We have something for everyone. Be it a sweet or a savoury tooth. We are ever expanding and are working to bring your favourite brands/shops onboard with us.

So what are you waiting for? Those wonderful taste which you loved or always wanted the taste buds a treat that you deserve.